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Boris Nets is committed to ensuring that maintenance work at height is carried out safely and offer a complete range of products enabling personnel to gain quick and safe access to roof and other exposed surfaces.

A technical advice service from design through to installation is available. Advice is provided in the correct use of products as well as compliance with the latest legislation HSG/33 (Revised)

For roof, gutter or window cleaning, painting or repair the Boris Net Roof access systems are available for fragile roofs e.g. asbestos and solid roofs where no penetration of the anchor point is possible, in addition to, access systems for the typical box profile roof.

By carefully locating anchorage points, on the flat or sloping roof surface, Boris Net roof access provides a fully approved method to safely harness your staff or contractors as they inspect and carry out their work.


A : Anchorman™ Top Fix Toggle
Stainless steel post fixed through fragile roof to purlin/steelwork for gutter cleaning

B : Free Standing Galvanised Cantilever Guardrail
No penetrating required

C: Dead Weight Anchor
Ideal for flat roofs where no roof penetration is possible

D : Anchorman Profile Line System
Stainless steel line system fixed to roof sheet profile

E : Permanent Vertical Galvanised Ladder

F : Window Anchors
Available in stainless steel or galvanised mild steel. A cost effective solution for window maintenance

G : Anchorman™ Individual Profile Anchor
This stainless steel anchorage point can be used individually or in conjunction with Anchorman line system to prevent the pendulum effect

H : Ladder Restraint and Wall Ties
Provide safe ladder restraint system for accessing roof

I : Hadrian Safety Rail System
Can be used in fall arrest or restraining situations. CE marked and conforms to requirements of EN795 class D


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