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Boris Nets

Boris Nets have been manufacturing Trawls and Seine nets since 1958. In the same year Boris Nets were approached by the MOD to manufacture Seine nets to collect the wreckage from a Victor bomber which crashed into the sea off Milford Haven. The nets for this operation had to be robust and the traditional nets of the time were made out of cotton which was deemed to be too fragile.

Boris was asked to make the nets out of the new 'Wonder Fibre' Courlene. Upto this point it was thought that Courlene was too difficult to use in the manufacture of fishing nets. Boris proved them wrong and now Courlene, trademark of Courtalds (generic name polythene) is used throughout the world!

The fishing boats using Boris Nets managed to collect over 80% of the Victor Bomber, many pieces of which were smaller than 1 inch square.

Boris Nets have pioneered the introduction of many other innovations into the fishing industry such as Pair Trawling with small boats, Box Trawls and V Doors.

Today the company now supplies fishing nets throughout the world. The majority of nets are still 'hand guarded' which Boris believes is superior to machine guarding because hand guarding will distort to spread the tension which can allow for an extended working life.

Boris Nets range of nets includes:

  • Single, Twin and Pair Trawls for Demersal Species
  • Single and Pair Trawls for Pelagic Species
  • Single and Twin Trawls for Prawn, also Fish & Prawn.
  • Boris Nets supply a range of netting, twine, wire and chandlery.