Boris Nets


Borisnets designs, install and maintain a comprehensive range of multifunctional training courts delivering great value for club, county and regional playing squads.

Leisure Centres & Sports Centres

Whatever the level of ability or choice of sport, multipurpose sports halls are a cost effective venue for a variety of drysports. From grass roots and community led sports initiatives upwards, these courts are designed to make the best use of space and to maximise the revenue opportunity from the sports hall or sports fields. These modular court systems enable sports such as Cricket, 5 aside Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, golf, trampolining etc to be played simultaneously side by side.


Cross court and walkway containment is effected by a net canopy, additional net curtains are clipped into place depending upon the need for rapid reconfiguration and the tracking system layout. Through careful design the netting can also protect internal lighting and public address systems.

The suitability of these designs has been established within 5 aside football. Each team play in their own contained area using a system of interlocking kickboards. Depending upon the physical nature of the sport and the need for flexibility the kickboards can slot into a plug and socket system direct into the pitch surface, allowing for any size and amount of courts to be created.

The modular nature of the design enables club requirements to be satisfied, whilst allowing for bespoke, retrofit or upgrade options to be taken into account at an operational level. The kickboards can be removed for storage, the netting drawn back if larger space is needed. All materials are designed for long term operation with constant use in mind leaving staff free to concentrate on their day to day responsibilities.


Schools & Sports Colleges

Boris ball court systems range from 0.9M in height to 5M (over 20 feet) and involve the use of kick boards, welded meshes & synthetic netting fabrics as necessary to meet architects specifications.

Different specifications and designs are available for outdoor sports boundary netting and crowd protection nets. Practice nets for golf, football, cricket are available in standard sizes and to bespoke dimensions maximising the opportunity from the space available.




Extreme Sports Protection Netting

When sports are played out in close proximity to the participating crowd, players and participants can put themselves in mutual danger. A crowd protection netting system at the Manchester Velodrome for the safety of both the cyclists and the public provided a cost efficient and simple transparaent method for the spectators to get as close as possible to their sport.

Netting systems can be designed to take the worst case scenario impact whether it be from an ice hockey puck, a cyclist racing around a velodrome or to stop a customer getting into difficulty on a watershute!