Boris Nets

Support and Information for Specifier's of Academies, Sports Centres & Schools

Boris Nets offer a free consultancy service to clubs, architects, quantity surveyors, builders and owners of sports infrastructure to help save you time and money during the early specification phase.

This service is most useful when indoor multisports use is being considered or where there is a need for effective zoning and multi play facilities in line with the standard or formality of matchplay. Our advice is provided free of charge from the early stages of a project through to specification, we actively welcome enquiries.

What we Need to Provide a Definitive Quotation for Indoor Sports Partitioning

Steelwork drawings: detailing main layout or roof section showing beams, columns, purlin sizes and roof beam pitch.

Architect Drawings: Ground Floor and First Floor layout plans. Sections through side and end walls from floor to roof showing types of wall construction plus floor type and heights of beams at eaves and apex. Main lighting and heating drawings showing positions and height above finished floor level.

If advice is required please consider asking as early as possible as retrospective work can be expensive. To discuss any of the points detailed contact us on the number above or click here.

Structure Design Tips: Sport England provides two very useful guidance notes for sports hall design. The first covers all aspects of building design including ancillary areas outside the hall itself. These notes include comments on lighting, colours, changing rooms, construction type etc. To download click on the following link: "Sport England Sports Halls: Design"

Partitioning and Zoning Tips: The second guidance note considers the sizes and layouts of the actual hall depending on the standard of matchplay the facility intends to host. The document goes on to set out the court dimensions for popular indoor sports. There can be conflicts between courts and partitioning dimensions depending upon the sports specified and the standard of matchplay. Contact Boris Nets for further comment, or see the notes below. To download click on the following link: "Sport England Sports Halls: Sizes and Layouts"

Net Tracking Systems and Indoor Facility Roof Height

It is critical roof height is considered at the earliest planning stage. Based upon the requirement for badminton courts, Sports England guidance requires 7.6M clear height above the finished floor level. Bear in mind services including lighting and possibly heating will need to be above this height. Enough space must be left for the depth of the trackway and related fixing off which the division nets and cricket nets hang. Allow for gaps between the nets and any ambi-rad or similar roof mounted space heating and/or roof mounted retractable sports equipment. We can advise on how much space is required.

For variable pitch roofs the limiting factor is the lowest point of the roof ie the eaves height. This height determines the height of all trackway (eg cricket) which traverses badminton courts. Therefore in the centre of the hall, although there maybe plenty of height to the roof apex from the badminton court floor, in practice there maybe trackway passing over this space which must be set higher than 7.6M. Where you have a variable pitch roof please talk to us at the earliest stage for assistance and advice so that the installed trackway is compliant with the selected matchplay criteria.

Cricket Bay Widths

The English Cricket Board and Sports England recommend a minimum bay width of 3.66M and an optimal width of 4.0M. This would enable 4 bays to be installed in a 'standard' 18M wide sports hall with a 1.0M safety gap along the running wall edges.

If retractable matchplay basketball goals are to be installed as well as cricket bays then a gap along the centre line of the hall needs to be allowed for, to ensure the goals do not interfere with the cricket netting trackway in the roof space. If the hall width is a standard 18M then the bay width must be reduced accordingly to accommodate both sports. Further complications can occur if compliant matchplay for both cricket across 4 bays and basket ball is being considered then the hall would need to be at least 20.0M wide.

Underfloor Heating & Rebound Board Sockets

If plans are being made for underfloor heating in the hall then consideration should be given to areas separated by, or zoned by, rebound boards ensuring that the floor layout can accommodate the plug and socket rebound board floor fixings without compromising the underfloor heating system.