Boris Nets

Boris Nets only sell personnel safety nets that comply as a minimum, to the European Standards EN 1263-1. Each net is labelled by Boris nets with a unique serial number showing details of size, type and date of manufacture. Safety Nets of any size or shape can be manufactured to order.

There are, two types of personnel safety netting material:


Knotted Hi - Tenacity Nylon available in A2 & B2 specification. B2 absorbs 80% more loading than A2 which is recommended when both performance & safety are important considerations.

Knotless Polypropylene - Popular in the construction industry, this net does not absorb much water under wet conditions and therefore remains light to use. Manufactured to the A2 European specification.

Personnel Safety Nets are required to be tested annually. See further details on the Net Testing Page.


Protection Nets

For pallet racking, conveyor belt and any application where people or objects are required to be prevented from access to machinery or other hazards. Mesh size and net strength specified to suit individual conditions.



Debris and Litter Nets

Specified to suit individual site conditions whether to protect from falling debris or to stop litter becoming disbursed under windy conditions.

For details of Anchoring Accessories and personnel protective equipment see Personnel Protective Equipment.